Building Cultures, Igniting Performance

Are you an organizational leader struggling with the challenge of attracting, keeping and motivating human capital?

Are you ready to transform your organization by actively engaging a disengaged workforce?

Higher recruiting and retraining expenses are only the tip of the iceberg when considering the real costs of losing good people. One of the most critical advantages of a successful organization is its ability to connect with a workforce that needs and commands more than higher salaries, increased bonuses and added vacation time. These are simply levers that provide a temporary – and costly – solution. Failure to address this reality is a crisis-in-the-making.

Maximize Performance and Results

Create a culture with a heart and soul that goes beyond the monetary needs of your employees and satisfies their emotional, experiential and social needs. Create a culture that inspires performance.

Rinnovo Group helps organizational leadership develop the ability to see and respond to the motivations of their employees and to understand what their employees value most.

We have the knowledge, the experience, the tools and the passion to help you find your way to creating a values-based culture that satisfies these more subjective, yet vitally important issues. We help you see and deal with what’s below the surface – the values, beliefs, behaviors and habits of your team that you haven’t engaged – the root of the matter.

We’re the Rinnovo Group

Bill and Judy Besse, workplace culture experts for courageous, committed, compassionate leaders. Our mission is to help you foster an environment where you, your organization and the people within reach your highest potential and where everyone aspires to give 100% of their efforts and their hearts to the organization’s goals.

Whether you’re the CEO of a large corporation, the Executive Director of a non-profit organization, the leader of a small company or the Superintendent of a school district, we can help if you:

  • Struggle to attract, motivate and keep talented people
  • Need to increase profitability, sustainability and be present to the needs of all stakeholders
  • Hope to increase accountability, openness and trust
  • Want to improve cooperation between teams
  • Desire a quantifiable way of measuring and managing your organizational culture
  • Are willing to explore personal and organizational values to learn how these silent motivators underpin everything we do