Stronger Together.

Meet Bill and Judy Besse. Distinctly different, yet perfect complements to each other. A remarkable team fueled by similar passions, aligned values and a commitment to each and every one they touch.

Rinnovo Group

Between them, they have over 40 years of corporate leadership and entrepreneurial experience and have worked with hundreds of top-level executives, partnering closely with the Human Resource staff of organizations from various sectors. As a result, Bill and Judy gained a deep understanding of organizational behaviors, systems and practices from an objective point of view. Their combined experience, both as leaders and by working with leaders, has given them keen insight on how leadership sets the tone of an organization, for better or worse.

Having worked for others, Bill and Judy launched Paradigm Benefits Group to help organizations with long-term strategies that made a lasting impact.

For 16 years, they ran a successful and highly-regarded employee benefits brokerage and consulting agency – in spite of an extremely competitive, continuously volatile market. In doing so, they maintained long-term relationships with organizations such as Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School, Pawtucket Credit Union, Meeting Street, Brahmin and Better Community Living, to name a few. Under Judy’s stewardship, many of these relationships survived the acquisition of Paradigm by a larger regional agency with many shared values.

An inevitable outgrowth of their professional and personal lives, Bill and Judy combined their leadership, management and life experiences to form Rinnovo Group as the forum for living their mission: helping foster environments where people can flourish. Their passion for building relationships and bringing people together is a key foundation.

Bill and Judy’s commitment to and trust in each other is apparent in everything they do.

Through 35 years of marriage and more than 16 years as business partners, the connection is unmistakable, the energy palpable. The level of commitment, trust and value they provide to every individual or organization they serve is simply a reflection of their commitment to each other.

If you want to work with an experienced and dynamic team of professionals to build a culture that drives performance and creates tangible results that can be measured and managed, then call Bill or Judy today. Their results-driven methods will help you realize levels of engagement in your organization that you never thought possible.

Bill and Judy are so much more than a biographical synopsis. They are absolutely delightful to work with.

In addition to Rinnovo

Bill and Judy live in New Bedford, MA and they have two grown sons, Justin and Nate. Like their passion for helping others, Bill and Judy also have a special passion for New Hampshire’s White Mountains and most enjoy spending time there at their “sanctuary” home in North Conway.

“A couple in love is like a pair of scissors. Two useless pieces of metal, until they are inextricably connected at the core so that they can move together as one and accomplish great things.” — Jack Canfield