Naming Our Mission

The Story Behind Rinnovo.

People have asked us why we named our business Rinnovo, curious about its meaning and our logo.

The story behind it, though simple, has deep meaning for us.

The name came first.

Rinnovo means renewal in Italian.

Our mission is fostering environments where people can soar, and all our services are geared toward eliminating the negative to prepare people for their personal renewal.

The logo took a little time.

The robin was a natural choice, since it is a traditional harbinger of spring and the season of renewal.

When we let go of our past we are refreshed and renewed, free to nurture and serve ourselves as well as others. The energy of the robin arriving on the tail end of winter teaches us how to move with purpose, tenacity and perseverance. The flame in place of his eye signifies the fire we seek to ignite in each of our clients, to live their lives with purpose and in alignment with their core values.

Meanwhile, the waning crescent moon our robin stands on reminds us that as one cycle ends another begins. As the waning moon gets smaller, it brings up thoughts of downsizing and removing negativity in preparation for the new moon, yet another renewal.


We believe people can renew and transform with the right resources. And that’s us.