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Building Cultures, Igniting Performance.

“Organizational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. Organizations don’t transform. People do.” — Richard Barrett

What is Culture?

The way things are done in an organization. Not what is done, but how and why it’s done, for the good of all stakeholders. And it’s the most important factor for the success of a team or organization. Simply put: The way we behave together can make or break an organization.

The first step is being aware of the issue. Since you’re here, you’ve already taken positive action. But awareness without strategies and tools creates frustration. You’re stuck. Tools allow you to move forward.

We use the Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT) which allow us to measure an organization’s culture using values as a metric. These tools make the intangibles tangible and help us identify key performance indicators which provide a road map for change.

So Where Do We Begin?

By conducting a Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) to find out what’s working and what’s not. The CVA creates a blueprint for what participants desire and a tangible image of the alignment between personal values and culture.

The next key component in culture change is determining leadership styles that are already present. The Leadership Development Report (LDR) is a 360-degree assessment that compares a person’s perception of his/her operating style with the perception of others to help find a starting point.

Time Is Money.

Don’t lose any more.

The process is proven, your time investment is small. Assessments are done online via a website and usually take just 10-15 minutes to complete. Surveys are available in multiple languages, values to be used can be defined and adjusted, and reports can be broken out both departmentally and demographically. Because we always consider a client’s unique perspective, these customizable assessments become the foundation for a successful transformation.

Developing a culture is not like installing a machine.

It is not static, but dynamic, something that is growing, very much like a garden.

Some see this as uncharted, complex and even dangerous territory. But others have navigated this territory and report that the rewards far outweigh the costs. Best of all, we will lead you, step by step.

Every culture is unique and grows differently depending on how you feed it. Every program is custom-tailored to each of our client’s specific needs.

Together we will:

  • Select an effective leadership model and guide staff engagement.
  • Identify the desired vision, mission and values, then instill and nurture them throughout the team and organization.
  • Ensure that your system and structure is aligned with the desired culture as measured.
  • Facilitate an ongoing dialogue to develop and nurture your team in an optimal manner through to a successful rollout.
  • Shepherd you in a process to continuously develop and enhance your culture.