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Building a Powerful Workforce.

“Leaders are made, they are not born.” — Vince Lombardi

Develop young leaders. Enhance your workforce.

Are you an organizational leader struggling to develop a young workforce, or a leader of an academic institution who wants to fully prepare students for success?

Workforce Readiness is a huge challenge in the 21st century, as the world gets more digitized and education focuses more on technical skills. You’re likely looking at young employees or new hires who possess the hard skills they need to perform, but who lack the soft, people and life skills they need to succeed. Without them, your employees are not equipped to handle some of the most common challenges that inevitably lie ahead.

Today’s successful worker must know how to work as a team, motivate others, take 100% responsibility, set and achieve goals, and use feedback to their advantage. Whether you’re a business looking to strengthen your team or an academic institution looking to round out curriculum, The Success Principles&trademark; make all of this possible.

More than motivation

The Success Principles program is a core training that teaches emerging leaders and young people entering the workforce those intangible but essential soft skills. We coach participants in mastering the principles of personal growth and self-empowerment using time-tested performance strategies that are the basis for personal, professional and organizational success. And we use a simple, powerful and practical approach, putting the principles into immediate action. The program and presentation format is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Who uses The Success Principles?

Whether you’re a leader of an organization or a leader of an academic institution, this program is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Develop future leaders
  • Prepare young people for workforce readiness
  • Teach the fundamental soft skills essential for personal and professional success
  • Help people, particularly the young, achieve their full potential

Benefits for businesses:

  • Reduced turnover with increased employee commitment and loyalty to your organization
  • Employees who are leadership-ready
  • A more accountable, engaged and productive workforce
  • Improved communications, stronger relationships and increased cooperation among team members
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills and expanded creativity
  • A workforce that is more focused on the organization’s goals as well as their own personal goals

Ideal as a standalone training program or as a component of a full culture development initiative, the Success Principles are vital to any organization looking to develop a more talented, agile and resilient workforce.

Benefits for schools:

  • A reputation for preparing students who are more workforce ready
  • A more accountable, resilient and adaptable student body
  • Improved communications, stronger relationships and enhanced cooperation among students and teachers
  • Students with enhanced problem-solving skills and expanded creativity
  • Improved self-esteem and academic performance
  • A student body that uses the power of goal setting to achieve personal success

These timeless principles, which will never become obsolete, are easily integrated into any school curriculum. They help put students on the fast track to achieving their goals and better prepare them for the reality of the workplace – and life – beyond school.

The Successful Result:

Participants leave our workshops with tangible tools to attain personal and professional success and achieve their full potential. The schools who nurture them will have more successful students. And the businesses who employ them will have great future leaders and organizational success.